gold rum

Royal Jamaican rums, from the best sugar cane producers in Jamaica, are distilled in unique pot stills and aged in oak barrels, mellowing to perfection.

Meticulously blended in small batches and personally crafted in every sense of word, each bottle is drawn and bottled by hand. A captivating amber color and silky smooth rich taste offer you endless possibilities to savor this rum neat, or use as a preferred mixer.

Royal Jamaican Rums takes pride in our history of making rums from the Island of Jamaica. Experience the tradition.

gold rum

The Royal Jamaican Legacy dates back to the British capture of Jamaica from the Spanish in 1655. Locally produced rum replaced brandy as the spirit rationed to the Royal Navy, a tradition which continues today.

Royal Jamaican is pot stilled at Monymusk Distillery in the parish of Clarendon, an area known for its sugar plantations.

A distinctively mellow and full-bodied taste make Royal Jamaican your esssential cocktail ingredient.

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